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We've helped thousands of customers leverage the power of CRM to get amazing results. See what some of them have to say about their experiences and the value that Saleslogix brings to their business.

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Harry Rosen, Inc.

Gold Sales Effectiveness Award in Gartner & 1to1 Media's 2012 CRM Excellence Awards Program

"We have the most advanced CRM system in retail today that gives our sales associates a tool they cannot get at any other retailer and our clients a high-touch experience they return for time and again"  —  Stephen Jackson, CIO

Caber Sure Fit, Inc.

Achieving Double Digit Growth in Retail and Trade Sales

"We were looking for a CRM system that could grow with us and found Saleslogix gives us a unique competitive advantage. It's been meeting all our requirements."  —  Bernard Weinstein, President and CEO

Unique Vacations

Improving Reporting and Forecasting For Profitable Decision-Making

"A lot of times I think that companies make bad decisions because of incorrect information. In terms of forecasting, Saleslogix provided us with good information to make good decisions."  —  Gary Sadler, Senior Vice President of Sales

Big River Telephone Co.

Recipient of Customer Relationship Management Excellence Award from Gartner Group

"Because Saleslogix delivers up-to-the-minute information, the customer service experience turns out positive, even if there's a perceived 'negative' reason for the call. We know the exact status of that person's account and how to help them."  —  Kevin Cantwell, President

Dale & Thomas Popcorn

Dedicated to Wildly Fanatical Healthier Whole Grain Snacking

"In the last 3 years we've blossomed into a company that has nine retail stores, become a big internet-based business, and a major wholesale distribution business as well. Three different business models that had to be accommodated by one infrastructure in times of exponential growth.."  —  Sean Orr, President

Panasonic USA

Enabling Rugged Road Warriors Everyday

"The most significant benefit for Panasonic is the integrated capability to have everything in one place, and real-time. We have a completely mobile workforce with no ties to an office ... giving them the ability to see more customers in the day and complete more work without being required to return to a central location ."  —Jan Ruderman, Vice President Government Sales

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    Harry Rosen, Inc.

    One of the best high-end men's clothing retailers in the world.


    Panasonic USA

    Engineering a better world with "Ideas for Life"

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    Big River Telephone Co.

    Full-service, customer-focused telecommunications provider.


    Dale & Thomas Popcorn

    Mission: The best tasting, better-for-you snacks on the planet.


    Caber Sure Fit, Inc.

    Dedicated to enhancing and beautifying personal habitats.

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